Popular Nigerian Blogger, Ibrahim Bello CEO of 234hype.com was allegedly mobbed and arrested by Sars officials.

He took to social to share a post of how he had his own share of the Harassment carried out by Member of The Special Anti Robbery Squad (Sars).

He captioned “ So today I got my own share of this SARS harassment😓”

While speaking with us he stated that he and his friend had only left his premises to go buy water from a shop close by when they got stopped by Sarz Officials, Not wanting to hear anything from them with accusations of him being a cultist and a cyber criminal (yahoo boy). He stated that they where given series of hand slaps n punches on there way to the Office @ Rupokwu, Port Harcourt.

They took all I had on my account he stated, despite the fact that I tried explaining to them that I’m a Blogger/web designer.

See Post,

These men that are supposed to be our guide and protectors are now the ones we are running from..

This is so sad.

Byran Bellz is a Blogger, Web designer, Microbiologist, and an Illustrator. With a keen knowledge about Entertainment, he's the founder/CEO of 234Hype.com